Monday 2 April 2012

Daffodil Dayz

The other day we headed over to my sisters farm (Haverman Hills Farm) to go pick some daffodils. The farm is located in Bradner, BC which is one of the larger if not the largest areas growing daffodils in the province. 
Kristin in mid harvest 
When I think daffodils I think Easter. At this time of the year there is the big push to get as many unopened daff’s harvested and into the fridge where they can last for 2 weeks before they are sold for the holiday.
Every year to celebrate the harvest of daffodils and other early blooming flowers there is the Bradner Flower Show. The show is April 13-15 and is probably the hottest little event that happens in Bradner. 

So if your in the Bradner area head down Haverman and get yourself some daffodils, they’ll be a great addition to your Easter dinner this Sunday. 
Look for the stand the right side of the road when heading west on Haverman!