Wednesday 28 March 2012

Our first post!!!

Hello out there! Welcome to our brand new webpage! We here at Ferndale Farms are very excited to have this site up and running so you can join in on all the action. 

There’s much happening here on the farm, we will be operating at a 2.5 acre capacity this year and have high hopes. We've been busy constructing new growing facilities, planning our crops, getting supplies, modifying the existing structures, and making the farm beautiful to look at. 

We started seeding indoors and have a total of 5000 seeds planted. The garlic has overwintered marvellously and grown 6 inches! Were full steam ahead here and we will keep you updated on our progress as the seasons continues. 

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Taylor planting onion seeds.  

The onions are sprouting! 

 Artichokes popping up.

Russian Red Garlic loving the sun.